Site Closed

In the last few months (as of September 2019), several users have seen fit to reskin my models.  This is despite the fact that reskins are not allowed is mentioned in several areas;

- The original homepage of this website

- The rules page of this website

- The license information of the models themselves


This rule forms part of the terms and conditions that are agreed to when these models are downloaded and used.  Furthermore, some of these users have also seen fit to attack me on YouTube, while at the same time claiming to be sorry for their actions.  All I did was enforce my copyright over my models.


I'm not being paid to make these models, I do it as a hobby.  And I'm certainly not being paid to put up with this sort of stress.  As such, WildNorWester3D is closed, effective immediately.  Don't ask if it will re-open.


I am sorry it has come to this, and this was not an easy decision to make.