Welcome to WildNorWester3D

This is where you'll find original content, both routes and rolling stock models, created for the Youtube series Sodor: The Early Years and Sodor: The Modern Years.


Please note that these models use dependencies found on the Sodor Island 3D site and the Auran Download station - these will be noted below the models as required.


Feel free to use these characters, including original characters, however you like.  All I ask is that you credit me for whatever models are used.  If the character you're after has not been released, then this character and their model are private.  Please do not ask about having them released.


Please Note: Please do not ask about reskinning my models.  Due to the way that the lining and lettering is done, this would require giving out the original Blender meshes.  As such, I won't be saying yes to any such requests.


Also, these models were designed and tested in Trainz 2010, and have since been updated to work in Trainz a New Era.  I cannot guarantee they will work with other versions of the simulator.


Images and thumbnails on this website are copyright WildNorWester, and are not to be reused without permission.

No profit is being made from any content on this site, and it is recognised that HiT Entertainment PLC has the copyright to Thomas the Tank Engines and Friends.  This will not be disputed.

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