Charity Engines

Here you'll find models that have been made to raise awareness of various charities.


As with all my content, they are compatible with Trainz Classics 3 and above.  Dependencies should be available on the Download Station, unless otherwise noted.


These models also require the porters from SI3D's 'Sodor Porters & Guards' pack, which can be found here.

Bert is the mascot of Asperger's Fundraiser, a charity that aims to raise money for the National Autistic Society of the UK.  He enjoys helping them run their special trains, and he hopes you'll be able to come along one day.


For more details about Bert and his friends, see the Asperger's Fundraiser website here:


This model includes a full set of faces, thanks to BRStandard of the SI3D forums.  The Aspergers Flyer headboard is also scripted.