Before asking for help, please ensure you have checked the Troubleshooting page to see if your query is answered there.  If you have not tried these troubleshooting steps, I will ask you to do so.


If you are going to ask me about missing KUIDs for routes/models, please google them first.  This will be the first thing I ask when you message me about them.


Also, please do not ask about reskinning my models.  Owing to the way I do the lettering and numbering, the original Blender mesh is needed to change these, and I am not going to give those out.  I've also had some negative experience with reskins in the past.


Please do not ask me to send you KUIDs which are not my own, or are not for the facepacks included with my models (those not starting with 556896 or 571207).  These are the only ones which I have permission to redistribute.  Sending the other KUIDs around without the permission of the creator is a violation of the Trainz terms & conditions.  All dependencies should be on the download station or included with SI3D models.


Please note, I do not do model requests, nor do I allow reskins of my models.


If you do need to send me a message about models not working, please provide as much information as possible.  Describe what is going on, and include any error messages you are getting in Content Manager or Trainz itself.  Please also mention which version of Trainz you are using.


Please note, these models have been confirmed to work up to Trainz 2010 build 49933.  I cannot guarantee they will work in versions above this. As of January 26 2016, updates and releases will be compatible with TANE.  However, I still cannot advise on Trainz 2012.


Please do not ask when content will be released.  My release policy is outlined on the 'Rules' page of this site.

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