January 6, 2019

In the standard gauge rolling stock section, you'll now find the mail vans which were repurposed for use by the North-West Package Express, as seen in STMY: Couriers and Concerns.  This download includes all three versions of the standard-gauge vans (without face, with face and doors open), as well as the Arlesdale Railway and Skarloey Railway versions.


Please note, this does not include the models for the road vans or the courier figures.  These will be remaining private.


The NWR mail vans have also been updated, to include a 'doors open' variant.

August 30, 2018

All models on this website, except one, have been updated to be compatible with Trainz 2019.  They should now work with all versions of Trainz from 2009 - 2019.  The 'green reflection' error in TANE has also been fixed as part of this, as have the models on which the glass didn't show up in TANE.


The exception to this is Sheffield/Sixteen.  The current version of this model has a 3D face, which is not released just yet.


As usual with updates, you'll need to delete the facepacks, then install the updated models.  The actual models themselves should install over the old ones.

August 28, 2018

Rack track for the Culdee Fell Railway has been released.  You'll find it in the 'track, structures and add-ons' section of the website.  It includes versions with and without guards along the rack, in ballasted, unballasted and rail-only versions.

February 4, 2018

In the 'Non-Rail Characters' section, you'll now find a Sudrian Railway Staff pack, which features porters, guards and workmen.


Most of the standard gauge steam engine models have been updated to eliminate the 'blue brass' that appears in Trainz a New Era.

April 22, 2017

Following the upload of 'Endgame', two new models have been released and one has been updated.  In the 'Little Western' section, you'll find Toad the GWR Brakevan and the NWR Ballast Hoppers.  Diesel's model has also been updated.  It now includes his 'post-2011' version with nameplates and number, as well as his 'NWR Green' livery.

December 31, 2016

The model of Frank I commissioned from SI3D is now available in the 'Arlesdale Railway' section of the website.

December 24, 2016

Flying Scotsman, Ten Cents and Drollan have been updated so that they no longer require dependencies that have become unavailable.  The download for Ten Cents also includes him in his weathered, 2010s livery.

October 22 2016

Boco has just been released, on the page for the Brendam Branch engines.

September 24 2016

On the 'Skarloey & Mid-Sodor Railways' section of the site, you'll find that Fred and Duncan have just been released.  I've also updated the Atlas model to include all three of his liveries.

September 19 2016

Updated versions of Ten Cents and Drollan have been uploaded.  This corrects an error where the wheelhouses of both models would turn black when used in versions of Trainz older than Trainz a New Era.

September 18 2016

The Arlesdale Railway engines have now been updated.  They've been re-textured, with their textures brought up to the same standard as my other models.


I have also released the 'Harwick-Cregwir Tramway' route, which you'll find under the Routes section.  As it was created in Trainz a New Era, it's only compatible with that version of Trainz and upwards.  Two custom assets that were created for this route, a point lever and a turntable, are available in the 'Structures & Addons' section.


Under 'Non-Rail Vehicles', you'll find Ten Cents, Drollan and the river barges from the STMY episode 'Last Straw'.

April 28, 2016

Under the 'Norramby Branch' section of the site, you'll find that Evan & Edwin have now been updated to be compatible with Trainz A New Era.  You'll need to delete the old models before installing these ones.

February 7, 2016

Two new releases today.  Firstly, in the Routes section of Thomas Content, you'll find an updated version of my RWS Tidmouth Sheds route.  It's got a few more details on it, and includes an updated baked version of the main sheds building.


In the Other Railway section, there's a new RWS version of Flying Scotsman.  This is to celebrate his recent return to steam.

January 27, 2016

James has been updated.  He now has his blue-lined livery, as well as his black-lined one.


Caden has also been released, and you'll find both models in the 'mainline' section of the site.


Both of these updates, and all future updates, are compatible with Trainz: A New Era.

December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas, all!


As a bit of a Christmas present, you'll find Rheneas and an updated Ivo Hugh model in the Skarloey Railway section of the site.

December 11, 2015

Two new releases have just been put on the website, both from the episode 'Engines of All Trades'.  In the rolling stock section, you'll find the motorail wagons from that episode.  Evan & Edwin's download has also been updated to include them with their standard buffers & chain link couplers.

November 15, 2015

A patch for the SKR Peter Sam model has been released.  This corrects the issue on the rebuilt shape model where part of his running gear would pop though the footplate.  The model should replace the old one, if you have it installed.

The NWR mail vans seen in 'Percy's Post' have also been released, in the rolling stock section of the website.

November 12, 2015

The Skarloey & Mid-Sodor Railway rolling stock pack has been updated, as the coaches and brake vans were slightly overscale.  These have now been corrected.

November 8, 2015

The following Skarloey and Mid-Sodor Railway models have been released, and you'll find them in the Skarloey & Mid-Sodor Railway section:

  • Skarloey
  • Sir Handel/Falcon
  • Peter Sam/Stuart
  • Rusty (update)
  • Duke
  • Atlas
  • Andreas
  • Rolling stock pack

October 11, 2015

The Norramby Branch route and models have now been released.  You'll find them under 'Thomas Content', with Evan, Edwin and Owen on their own page, and Hubert in the 'Non-Rail Vehicles' section.

August 22, 2015

Site navigation has been updated.  The engines are now categorised based on where they are located in 'Sodor the Modern Years'.

All models that were included in the RWS update pack have now been released individually.

August 21, 2015

An updated pack of RWS models has been released, which can be found under 'Thomas Content'. Please be sure to download the patches as well, as they correct some texturing and animation issues with the models in the pack.

I'll be releasing the models as individual downloads as well over the next few weeks.  These will have already had the texturing and animation patches applied.

The first individual release is Alice, whose updated model is now available in the 'Original Characters' section.

February 4, 2015

In the last two days, the following models have been released in the 'Original Characters' section:

  • Winston the Red Engine
  • Sheffield (updated)
  • Colin (updated)
  • Lily (updated)
  • Adam (updated)
  • Eric (updated)
  • Patrick (updated)

In addition to this, a model of Jinty from RWS #12, 'The Eight Famous Engines' has been released in the 'Other RWS Engines' section, and an updated version of Bear has been released under 'RWS Main Cast'.

The updates for Colin, Lily, Adam, Sheffield and Eric bring their models up to the latest standard, with reflective wheel treads and rounded-off faces.  Bear and Patrick have been updated with 3D ventilation grilles.  On top of this, these two models have received texture upgrades.

November 1, 2014

Following the release of Rough Start, the Arlesdale engines and Olivia have been released.  You'll find Bert, Mike, Rex, Jock and the Blisters in the 'Arlesdale Railway', along with a rolling stock pack.  Olivia can be found under 'Original Characters'.

October 12, 2014

The model for Peter the Heavy Goods Engine now includes him in his British Rail livery, as seen in Sodor the Modern Years: The Missing Engine.

September 27, 2014

Tornado, the Peppercorn A1, has now been released.  You'll find him in the 'Original Characters' section.

September 21, 2014

RWS Edward, Gordon and James have now been released, which means all the main cast are now available in their Railway Series forms.  Enjoy!

September 6, 2014

Available now in the 'RWS Main Cast' section is the NWR's own Green Five, Henry.  His download includes both his old and new shapes, with five variants.

August 10, 2014

Available in the 'Main Cast - RWS Style' section is everyone's favourite LBSCR E2, Thomas the Tank Engine.  This download includes him in four variations:


  • Pre-Rebuild (i.e. before he comes to breakfast)
  • Pre-Rebuild with splashers
  • Post-Rebuild

July 6, 2014

Percy is now available in the 'Main Cast - RWS Style' section.

June 11, 2014

Toby the tram engine is now available in the 'Main Cast - RWS Style' section.  This download includes him in his LNER, tramway, early NWR and current NWR liveries.

May 5, 2014

Bill and Ben are now available in the 'Other RWS Characters' section.  They include a full face pack, courtesy of Chris Sig, and a nameless/numberless version.

April 20, 2014

A new section, 'Non-Thomas Engines', has been added to the 'Content' section of the website.  There's one engine in tehre at the moment, LMS Patriot class 'Isle of Man'.  This is a 'real-life' version of my Big City Engine model.


Also, Bear has been moved to the main cast page.

April 13, 2014

The updated model of Oliver has now been released.  You'll find him in the 'Main Cast - RWS Style' section.  As before, this version includes him in his BR, GWR and scrap liveries.


Diesel has also been moved to the 'Main Cast - RWS Style' section.

March 24, 2014

Peter has been updated.  He now has working headcode lamps and a few other updates.

March 11, 2014

Lincoln has been updated.  His download now includes a version of him in Colas Railfreight livery.

March 10, 2014

Lincoln the Class 56 diesel has now been released.  You'll find him in the 'Original Characters' section of the website.

February 15, 2014

D199 has now been released, in the 'RWS Characters' section of the website.  This download includes both RWS and TVS versions, with working headcode lamps and custom faces by Chris Sig.

February 1, 2014

In episode 29 of STEY, 'On the Run', a GWR 61XX tank engine named William is shown working with Oliver on his branchline.  I have now released a model for William in the 'Original Characters' section of the website.

January 13, 2014

A slight update for Ivo Hugh has been released.  It seems that the original KUIDs for his cabview and whistlesound were not available on the Download Station.  This updated version has a custom cabview and a whistle that is available on the Download Station.

January 12, 2014

Sodor the Modern Years content has now been released:

  • In the 'RWS Engines' section, you'll find a model of Ivo Hugh with a complete facepack, thanks to BRStandard. 
  • Peter the Heavy Goods Engine and Shane the Class 67 have been added to the 'Original Characters' section.
  • Under 'Routes', you'll find the 'Knapford-Tidmouth Circa 2009' route.
  • The 10-berth Knapford Sheds have been added as a separate, downloadable strucutre to the 'Structures & Addons' section.

I've also updated the RWS Donald & Douglas models.  They now have a full facepack, thanks to Chris Sig.

December 14, 2013

A Railway-Series style version of Devious Diesel has been released, with full faces thanks to Chris Sig of the SI3D forums.


Mavis has also been updated, with her textured-on doors replaced by fully 3D doors, hinges and ventilators.

October 20, 2013

Hugh the container lorry, from 'Desperate Times' has been released.  You'll find him in the 'Original Characters' section. 

October 16, 2013

Mavis has been updated.  Her textures have now been baked, and thanks to Chris Sig, she now has a full set of facial expressions.  Other updates include exhaust smoke effects and an updated script.

October 6, 2013

A new section, 'Charity Engines', has been added to the site.  In it you'll find Bert the Brickworks Engine.  He's the mascot of the Asperger's Fundraiser, a charity that aims to raise money for the National Autistic Society of the UK.


For more details about Bert and his friends, see the Asperger's Fundraiser website here:

October 5, 2013

Rusty the maintenance diesel has been released, in his Railway Series form.  This model comes with a full face set and a custom cabview.  He's available in the 'Railway Series Engines' section.

September 28, 2013

Brian the Wellsworth & Suddery Brakevan has been relased.  He's now available in the 'Original Characters' section of the site.

September 24, 2013

Following feedback on the RWS Donald & Douglas models, they've now been updated with slightly smaller faces.  They're available in the RWS characters section.


Oliver has also received a minor update.

September 14, 2013

Sheffield the Austerity Engine and Sixteen the Steelworks Engine have both been released.  You'll find Sixteen in the 'RWS Engines' section, and Sheffield under 'Original Characters'.


Both austerity tanks come with custom faces, thanks to BRStandard of the SI3D forums.

August 10, 2013

The Wellsworth & Suddery pack has been released.  This includes the tank engines Colin, Lily and Adam, as seen in 'Sodor the Early Years: Little Western Legacy', as well as the brakevans used on the W&S.

August 9, 2013

Bear, Patrick and Oliver have been released with updated face packs, thanks to Chris Sig of the SI3D forums.

August 3, 2013

The Foreign Engine, from the Railway Series story 'Gordon Goes Foreign', has been released in the 'RWS Engines' section of the site.  This download inlcudes him in both his RWS and proposed TV series versions.

June 10, 2013

Thanks to Chris Sig of the SI3D forums, Eric has now got a full face set.  The updated model, with the new faces, is available in the 'Engines' section of the site.

June 9, 2013

Hi folks,


If you've downloaded Barry the Rescue Engine, you may have noticed that he comes with full headcode lamp attachments.


Alice, Eric, Oliver and the Scottish twins have been re-released with this functionality.  They also have also received some minor mesh & texture updates.




May 4, 2013

The Arlesdale Railway box vans have been released.  They can be found in the 'rolling stock' section of the site.

April 27, 2013

Barry the Rescue Engine and Geoff the Works Diesel have now been released!  They're available in the 'Locomotives' section.


Features include:

- Full face scripting

- Working headcode lamps (Barry)

April 14, 2013

The Tidmouth Sheds structure has been re-released, in baked form.  This will override the old, unbaked version if you have it.

December 24, 2012

Alice has now been re-released.  In addition to being baked, she now has a complete set of custom faces, thanks to Donaldthescottishtwin.

December 9, 2012

Eric has been re-relased, in baked form.  He's on the engines page and ready to go.

December 8, 2012

Two new models have been released.  In the locomotives section, you'll find Patrick, the friendly class 40 diesel, and The Diesel from Bowled Out. The former has two liveries, BR Blue and NWR Green.  Both models are fully baked, and ready to go.

December 3, 2012

Oliver has been updated slightly.  He's had some minor texture corrections, and now has a fully baked bogey.

November 13, 2012

My first baked model has been uploaded - an updated, now-baked version of Oliver the Little Western Engine.  This won't be the last baked model - I'll be baking all my steam engine models.

November 10, 2012

Eric the large tank engine and the Kirk Ronan branchline have been relased.

November 3, 2012

A section for rolling stock has been added to the site, and in it is my first rolling stock release, the Skarloey Railway 'D. Fusit' gunpowder van.  This download includes the van in both black and brown liveries.

October 20, 2012

Donald & Douglas have been updated.  This download now includes both twins in their BR liveries, as well as some minor config updates.

October 17, 2012

Minor updates have been released for Mavis, Oliver, Alice and Bear.  These include minor config updates and new couplers.