Structures & Addons

All the structures/addons below should be compatible with Trainz Classics 3 and above.

This is a small turntable, of the type you'd find on a narrow-gauge line in the UK.  The design is freelanced.


It's designed to go with the 'NG30' track made by Trainz user Pencil42.

This is a point lever designed to look as though it's embedded in the concrete, cobbles, etc. between two rails in a dock/street/industrial running setting.  It represents a cover over the point blades, which the driver would have to open before throwing the points beneath with a staff.


It's designed to be used with track set at a height of -0.2m below the surface it's running on.

This is an updated version of the Knapford sheds, with 10 berths and no nameplates.  Also included is a ground texture, 'Knapford Dirt' to help blend the ground around the turntable into the surrounding scenery.


Due to the way Trainz lines up the turntable, you may need to move the turntable to line up with the edges of the dig hole when placing the turntable on your route.

This model is identical to the generic version of the Knapford sheds above, however the plane covering the dighole is circular instead of square.  This allows the shed to be placed at any angle.  This download also includes the Knapford Dirt texture.

This is a headcode marker lamp, as used on railways in the UK during the 20th century.  This download is a mesh designed to attach to a model, and contains instructions for use.