Arlesdale Railway Engines

Here's Bert, one of the original three Arlesdale engines.  This download includes him in both his original and rebuilt forms.


Thanks to Chris Sig for the faces.

Here's Frank, the Arlesdale Railway's grumpy maintenance diesel.  This model was done by Sean of Si3D, as a commission for WildNorWester.  Faces are by Chris Sig.

The Blister Twins act as station pilots and maintenance diesels on the Arlesdale Railway.


Faces by Chris Sig.

Built in 1976, Jock is the strongest of the Arlesdale engines.  He was a bit concieted at first, but soon learned the value of teamwork.


This download includes him in both lined and unlined versions.  Thanks go to Chris Sig for the faces.

The grumpiest of the Arlesdale engines, Mike doesn't hesitate to make his views known.  Especially when it comes to taking coaches instead of trucks.


Faces by Chris Sig.

A hard worker, Rex is one of the stalwarts of the Arlesdale Railway.  When he's not working, he enjoys teasing Mike.


Thanks to Chris Sig for the faces.

Originally built for an estate railway, Olivia was bought by the Arlesdale Railway in 2009.  She was a bit out of her depth at first, but soon proved to be a hard worker.


Faces by WildNorWester.