Ffarquhar Branch Engines

Here's everyone's favourite LBSCR E2, Thomas the Tank Engine.  This download includes him in four variations:


  • Pre-Rebuild (i.e. before he comes to breakfast)
  • Pre-Rebuild with splashers
  • Post-Rebuild

Again, thanks goes to DarthAssassin for the faces.

Here's Percy, the cheeky little tank engine who works on the Ffarquhar branchline.


Thanks to DarthAssassin for the face pack.

Straight from the Ffarquhar Branch, here's Toby.


This download includes him in four liveries:

  • LNER
  • Tramway
  • Early NWR (before 'Dirty Objects')
  • Current NWR (from 'Dirty Objects' onwards)

Thanks to TheTrainiac123 for the 3D faces, and WarshipNo.10 for the eye textures.

Fresh from the Ffarquhar Branch, here's Mavis the Class 04 diesel.  This download includes a custom hornsound to go with the model.


Thanks to Chris Sig for the face textures.

Formerly no. 2 of the Wellsworth & Suddery Railway, Lily was assigned to the Arlesburgh Branch following the formation of the North-West Railway in 1914.  She's a hard working engine, who is always ready to give helpful advice to others.

After the ship carrying her sank off the Isle of Man, Lily was recovered and restored to full working order in 2009.  Now NWR #16, she works on Thomas' branchline.

This download includes her in both W&S and NWR liveries.


Thank-you to BRStandard for the custom faces.