Mainline Engines

Here's Caden, the grumpy station pilot at Barrow-in-Furness.  Thanks to Chris Sig for the faces.

Here's Sodor's very own Green Five, Henry!  NWR #3 is ready to go, and this download includes him in five variations:

  • Original Shape:
    • Green
    • Blue
    • Blue with Square Buffers
  • New Shape
    • Green
    • Red Undercoat (from 'Henry Sees Red')


Both variations include appropriate tenders, as well as one or two Fowler tender variants.

Here's Gordon the big engine, ready to take the express down the mainline.  Included in this download are four variations:

  • Original shape - GNR livery
  • Original shape - LNER livery
  • Original shape - NWR livery
  • Post-1939 rebuilt shape

Appopriate tenders for each version are also included.

Who do we have?  You've got it!  James!


This download includes James in five variations:

  • Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway livery
  • NWR Livery (black lining & blue lining) with sandboxes
  • NWR Livery (black lining & blue lining) without sandboxes

Again, thanks to Darth Assassin for the faces.

Here are Pip and Emma, the high-speed train of the North-West Railway.  This download includes the engines and their coaches, and was commissioned from Sean O'Connor.  They're released here with his permission.

It's Bear, everyone's favourite Hymek!  Included in this download are three liveries;

  • BR Green
  • BR Blue and Yellow
  • NWR Green

Furious and Concerned faces originally provided by Blister (aka Gentlemanly Azelf).  Custom faces provided by Chris Sig.

Rescued by Gordon in 'Sodor: The Early Years', Alice now helps with passenger trains on the mainline.  The 'Branchline Flyer' is one of her regular trains, so named because it stops at all the branchline junctions, as well as Crovans Gate.


Custom faces by Donaldthescotishtwin.

Following Wilbert's visit, Sheffield was purchased to help on the North-West Railway.  He's a hardworking engine, but can be rather blunt and rude.


Thanks to BRStandard of the SI3D forums for the custom faces, and special thanks to Rich Downes for suggesting his name.

Please note: As of the moment, this model is not compatible with Trainz 2019.

Here's Peter, the Stanier 8F engine who first appeared in 'Locomotives and Legends'.  This model includes a custom face pack, thanks to BRStandard.


As of 12-10-2014, this download now also includes him in his British Rail livery.

Here's Diesel, the class 08 who caused some trouble for Duck once upon a time.  These days, he works in the main yard, getting the trucks and coaches ready for the mainline trains.


This download includes a custom hornsound, and a full face pack thanks to Chris Sig.  It also includes him in 2 liveries:

  • RWS Original
  • Post-2011 (with nameplate and number)

Here's Patrick, the friendly class 40 diesel from the Other Railway.  Since his first visit to Sodor, he's helped the North-West Railway engines a few times, and he's considered 'part of the family'.


Please note, in order to get this model to work properly, you may need to delete <kuid:556896:1057> and <kuid:556896:1058>, if you have these in your Trainz library.  One of these is the tender axle for the non-baked version of Alice, but this issue will not occur with her baked version.


Thanks to Chris Sig for the custom faces.

Iris is a hard-working diesel, who looks after the container yard.  She also takes empty trucks to and from the main yard, and is friends with Diesel, Patrick and Peter.

Faces are by BRStandard.

Straight from Crovans' Gate, here's Geoff the Works Diesel.  He's a BR Class 47 who is quite friendly.  This download includes him in his BR livery, and his 'steamworks' livery, as seen in Sodor the Modern Years.


Custom faces and weathering by BRStandard.

Here's Winston, the unnumbered red engine who worked on the North-West Railway prior to World War 2.

Faces by Chris Sig.