Skarloey & Mid-Sodor Railways

Here's Skarloey, one of the oldest engines on Sodor.  He includes a full face pack, thanks to Chris Sig.

Here's Rheneas, the gallant old engine.  Facepack by BRStandard.

This download contains Sir Handel, formerly known as Falcon.  This model comes in 4 variants:

  • Falcon
  • Sir Handel (Original Shape)
  • Sir Handel (Original Shape with Steamroller Wheels)
  • Current Shape

Again, thanks go to Chris Sig for the faces.

Here's Peter Sam, formerly known as Stuart.  This model comes in 3 variants:

  • Stuart
  • Peter Sam (original shape) - with interchangeable funnels from 'Special Funnel'
  • Peter Sam (current shape)

Faces courtesy of Chris Sig.

Here's Rusty, the friendly maintenance diesel of the Skarloey Railway.  This model includes a custom horn and cabview, as well as a full face set.


Thanks to Chris Sig of the SI3D forums for the faces.

Here we have Duncan, the grouchy no. 6 of the Skarloey Railway.  This download has him in the Skarloey Railway red livery, both with and without the brake pump.  Also included is his 'Carlin Yellow' livery, from Sodor the Modern Years.


Thanks to BRStandard of the SI3D forums for the faces.


It's come to my attention that Duncan's red liveries use the same KUIDs as an older version of the RWS Edward model without siderods.  If you have this issue, only the 'Carlin Yellow' livery will install.  The solution for this is to delete the old RWS Edward asset and install Duncan, then download and install the latest version of RWS Edward.

Here's Ivo Hugh, number 7 of the Skarloey Railway.  This model comes with 3D faces, thanks to Indy.  Credit to WarshipNo.10 for the eye textures.

This is Duke, the lost old engine of the Mid-Sodor Railway.  This download includes him in both his Mid-Sodor and Skarloey Railway liveries.

Faces thanks to Chris Sig.

Here we have Fred, no. 9 of the Skarloey Railway.  He helps Rusty with the maintenance trains, when he's not feeling ill.


This model has a 3D face, thanks to WarshipNo10.

Here's Atlas, the mine engine who worked on the Mid-Sodor Railway before being purchased by a tramway up north.  Thanks go to Chris Sig for the facepack.


This download now includes him in three liveries:

  • Mid-Sodor Railway No. 5
  • Harwick Zinc Tramway (with sideplates and cowcatchers)
  • Skarloey Railway No. 10

Andreas was an arrogant engine, whose time on the Mid-Sodor Railway didn't end well.  Here he is, ready to cause trouble in your Trainz simulator.  Thanks got to Chris Sig for the faces.