The Other Railway

Here you'll find engines who don't live on Sodor, but who may visit from time to time.

In conjunction with Sodor Workshops (, here's Flying Scotsman as he appeared in the Railway Series book Enterprising Engines, along with a few other liveries.  The following are included:

  • LNER Single tender (with and without smoke deflectors)
  • LNER Double tender
  • LNER Wartime Black no. 102
  • LNER Wartime Black no. 503 (with and without smoke deflectors)
  • British Rail Brunswick Green (with and without smoke deflectors)
  • USA Tour configuration

All of these models come with full 3D faces and scripted headcodes, thanks to WarshipNo.10 of Sodor Workshops.


Please note, the 'war black' tender shares the same KUID as the 'GNR Preservation Society' sign that came with the original Alice model, from a few years ago.  If you find you are missing the black tenders, you will need to delete the sign, then re-install the Flying Scotsman CDP.

Here's Tornado, the Peppercorn A1 built by the A1 Steam Locomotive Trust.  This download includes him in his 'Apple Green' livery.  Thanks again to BRStandard for the faces.

Here's Shane, the Class 67 diesel who appeared in Sodor the Modern Years: Winds of Change.  Faces are by Chris Sig.

This is William, the GWR 61XX class tank engine who worked with Oliver on his branchline before the latter went on the run from scrapping.  This model includes faces by Chris Sig.

This is Jinty, who arrived from the mainland in 'The Eight Famous Engines'.  He helped run Thomas' branchline when Thomas, Percy and Toby went to the mainland.

Thanks to Chris Sig for the faces.

D199 once visited Sodor, and made some rather disparaging remarks about the steam engines.  However, he soon got his come-uppance.


This model includes both RWS and TVS versions, both with custom facepacks done by Chris Sig.  It also includes working headcode markers.

Sixteen used to work at a steelworks, where he became infamous for passing a danger board and tumbling cab over wheels.


This download includes him in two variations - fully working, and with the damage from the crash.  Custom faces and weathering by BRStandard of the SI3D forums.


At the moment, this model is not Trainz 2019 compatible.