Non-Rail Characters


This pack contains porters, guards and workmen in the following poses:

  • Guard;
    • Standing
    • Pointing
    • Holding Green Flag
    • Holding Red Flag
  • Porter;
    • Standing
    • Pointing
    • Holding Suitcases
  • Workman;
    • Standing
    • Pointing
    • Holding Plans
    • Repairing (Kneeling)
    • Repairing (Lying Flat)
    • Repairing (Standing)
    • Sitting
    • Talking
    • Holding Clipboard
    • Holding Tablet

The models are by MakeHuman and overalls by Marco_105.  Leather texture is by Seamless-Pixels.

This model is released under the Creative Commons License.  Under this license, it can be modified and redistributed as the user sees fit.  However, the credits for the original model must be kept in the description.


Please note these are the only models released under this license.  All others are not free for modification or redistribution.

Marine Vessels

All of these marine models are designed to run on invisible track which is placed at the same height as the water level in Surveyor.

It's Ten Cents!  After working in Bigg City Port during the 1920s and 30s, Ten Cents was sent to England during the Second World War, as part of 'Operation Minnow'.  He ended up on Sodor, where he worked in Harwick harbour during the 1950s.


This download includes him in 3 liveries:

- Star Tugs

- Harwick Harbour

- Weathered (2010s)


Each model includes several faces, and the wheelhouse can be set to face different directions.  Thanks to WarshipNo10 for the faces.

This is Drollan, the lazy tug who worked with Ten Cents at Harwick in the 1950s.  As with Ten Cents, the model includes several faces, and the wheelhouse can be set to different directions.  Thanks go to WarshipNo10 for the faces.

These are the river barges used by Ten Cents and Drollan on the river between Harwick and Cregwir.  The goods barge comes in a few variations.  One with a load queue, and one with a single load point.  The latter of these was due to a quirk of Trainz a New Era.  Namely, if a queue has more than 10 attachment points, it doesn't render the load until it's within a certain distance of the camera.


A version of the goods barge without the 'Harwick' name on it is also included.  It just has the 'Isle of Sodor' lettering, if people want to use it at other ports around Sodor.

This is Hubert the Hovercraft, who runs a car ferry service between Blackpool on the mainland and Norramby on the Island of Sodor.  He's a friendly sort, who was built in Hamburg.  As such, he speaks with a German accent.

This model includes a custom cabview, opening front (pantograph) and rear (mesh attachment) ramps, and load queues for both passengers and cars.

Road Vehicles

Here's Hugh, the container lorry owned by Sodor Roadfreight.  He comes with a custom cabview, full face set and is able to take 20-foot and 30-foot containers.