Railway Series Models - Version 1.5

The above pack includes all the engines you see in the screenshot, updated with fully rendered & slightly reflective textures, improved animation (including full valve gear) and other small tweaks, to bring them up to the current standard for my models.


It will take me a little while to update all the individual links, so I've put this pack out for those who want to get these models.  All models are compatible with Trainz 2010.  They have been done as 'new versions', so they and their dependencies should install right over the top of the old ones.


I have also gone through and corrected the config in each facepack, so that it no longer produces warnings or error messages in Content Manager.  However, I was unable to create 'new versions' of these, so you will need to delete the facepacks before installing the CDPs in this download.


It is also a large download, around 493MB.  If you have a slow Internet connection, it may take a while.


For clarity, here are the engines included in this download:

  • Steam:
    • Thomas (LBSCR, Original Shape, Original Shape w/Splashers and current shape)
    • Edward (Original shape, Original shape in Furness livery and current shape)
    • Henry (New shape, new shape in undercoat red, original shape in green and blue liveries with round and square buffers)
    • Gordon (original shape in GNR, LNER and NWR livery, current shape in NWR livery)
    • James (L&YR Black, Red with and without sandboxes on the front)
    • Percy
    • Toby (LNER, Tramway, original NWR and current NWR liveries)
    • Duck
    • Donald & Douglas (BR Livery, NWR Black livery, NWR Blue livery)
    • Oliver (BR, BR/Scrap, GWR and NWR liveries)
    • Eric
    • Sheffield (and Sixteen)
    • Peter (NWR and BR liveries)
    • Lily (NWR livery only)
    • Bill & Ben (with and without names & numbers)
  • Diesel:
    • Devious Diesel
    • Mavis
    • Bear (BR Green, BR Blue, NWR Green)
    • Patrick (BR Blue & NWR Green)
    • Iris (NWR green)
  • Electric:
    • Andy
    • Jeffery
    • Sean
    • Steve

All dependencies should be on the DLS or included in the pack, aside from the whistlesound from Donald & Douglas.  To get these, you'll need to download SI3D's Scottish twins model.




It has been brought to my attention that the Thomas, Edward, Henry Original Shape, Scottish Twins and Eric models included in the pack have bogey faults.  These have now been corrected, and will not be present in the individual downloads.  A patch to correct these can be downloaded here.