Rolling Stock

All the models below should be compatible with Trainz 2009 and above.  Dependencies should be on the Download Station, unless otherwise noted.

Here we have the motorail wagons, which appeared in 'Engines of All Trades'.  They're loadable with three different car spots.

Here we have the North-West Railway Mail Vans, as seen in 'Percy's Post'.  They're based on an LMS diagram 1870 van.  Included are two versions, one of which has scripted faces.

Here we have the three-axle coaches originally used on the Wellsworth & Suddery Railway.  These are fully loadable.  The pack includes three coaches - first-class, third-class and third-class with guard's compartment.

Here we have a well wagon for the North-West Railway.  The design is mostly based on the Great Western 'Crocodile C' wagon, with some slight tweaks.


It does have three load points - one in the middle of the deck, and two halfway between the middle and the end.  Load queues are set up for all three.

These are the brakevans which were used on the Wellsworth & Suddery Railway, before it was merged into the NWR.  This download includes them in both W&S and NWR lettering.


They're based on the LNWR 'Diagram 18' 20-ton brakevan.

The D. Fusit gunpowder van, from the Skarloey Railway.  This download includes it in both brown and black liveries.