Trainz: A New Era Routes

These routes are compatible with Trainz: A New Era and upwards, and use dependencies from both the 'IoS Complete' route from SI3D and the Trainz Download Station.

This route depicts the zinc company's tramway between Harwick and Cregwir, as seen in the STMY episode 'Last Straw'.  It includes docks at both Harwick and Cregwir, as well as the zinc mines near the latter town.  There's also a full system of invisible track, for the TUGs models to run on.


This download also includes a couple of custom assets, which are also available separately on the 'Structures and Add-Ons' page.  Namely, the small tramway turntable and the point motors for the dock track.

Trainz 2010 Routes

All the routes below should be compatible with Trainz 2010 and above, and use dependencies from both SI3D and the Trainz download station.

Here's the Norramby Branch, as introduced in season 2 of Sodor the Modern Years.  This route includes:

  • Vicarstown (a modern interpretation)
  • Henry's Tunnel
  • Ballahoo Junction
  • Ballahoo
  • Norramby
  • South Norramby
  • The Old Harbour

Dependencies are from SI3D and the Download Station.

Here's the route seen in Sodor the Modern Years, depicting the mainline between Knapford and Tidmouth as it appears from 2009.  The following locations are included:

  • The container yard.
  • The main sheds, now with 10 berths.
  • Knapford Station
  • East Knapford Station, a commuter stop just down from Knapford.
  • Tidmouth yards and station.

Some other dependencies are also included.

Here we have the Kirk Ronan branch, starting at Kellsthorpe Road, then climbing through a forest to Rolf's Castle, before descending into Kirk Ronan itself.


This download includes three versions of the route - Abandoned, Restored and Winter.

This layout depicts the engine sheds and a station of the old Mid-Sodor Railway, as they appear in the TV series episodes.

Here we have the original Tidmouth Sheds, as seen in the Railway Series books from 'The Three Railway Engines' to 'James and the Diesel Engines'.  The shed building itself is compatible with Trainz 2006, and is available as a separate download from the 'Structures & Addons' section.

The abandoned quarry siding on the Other Railway, where Oliver hid from the diesels when making his escape.

Sodor's only electric railway line, the Peel Godred Branch splits off from the mainline at Kildane and runs to Peel Godred, stopping at Abbey station and meeting the Culdee Fell Railway at Kirk Machan.  The electric engines who run this line are available in the 'Engines' section.