Troubleshooting & Patches

There are several issues that can arise when installing Trainz models.  This guide aims to provide guidance for the most common installation issues, as well as patches to correct errors as needed.


Please note, this is not intended to be a comprehensive troubleshooting Trainz asset installs, just the most frequent ones.

Trainz: A New Era Facepack Update

Trainz: A New Era requires texture.txt files to be present for all textures in a texture library (facepack).  This isn't present in the facepacks released before my transition to T:ANE, that is, all of them.


I have updated the facepacks to work with T:ANE, including the ones by DarthAssassin.  You can download a .cdp of the updated facepacks here:


You will need to delete the old facepacks before installing these new ones.

Missing Dependencies

One of the most common issues with models is missing dependencies. If you're looking for missing assets whose KUIDs start with 268447, then these are from the SI3D 'Sodor Porters & Guards' pack, which can be downloaded from their website.  Aside from this, if the KUID of the missing asset does not start with 556896 (WildNorWester) or 571207 (DarthAssassin - face packs), then the missing asset will be found on the Download Station.


Some asset KUIDs may be in the format '<kuid2:{number}:{number}:1>'.  If this is the case, try deleting the '2:' and ':1' from the start and end, then searching using the result of this.

Model Warnings

If the model is displaying a yellow exclamation mark in Content Manager, it is showing a warning.  Some of the more common warnings may be:


  • The tag 'operator' in container '0' is empty.
  • Progressive meshes are no longer supported by Trainz.  Though these meshes may work in Trainz, it is recommended that you switch to a LOD mesh.
  • This asset requires a shadow mesh, but the mesh table does not contain one

None of these will prevent the model from working correctly.

Model Errors

Errors, indicated by a red exclamation mark in Content Manager, may prevent the model from working correctly.  Below is a list of the more common ones, along with how to fix them:


  • Attachment point animated-mesh (load) in 'queues\load-coal' was not found
    • This error usually occurs on older models, and can be ignored.  The model will show up in red in surveyor, but it can still be used.
  • Attachment point 0 (a.sitpoint01) in 'queues\passengers\attachment-points' was not found
    • In this case, the config.txt file for the model has a load queue specified (e.g. for passengers), and the attachment points in the mesh do not match up with the names specified for this queue in the config.
  • The asset specified in <tag> is not of the correct type
    • Owing to the way Trainz reuses KUIDs, it is possible that one of my older models may have the same KUID as an asset required for a newer model.  If this is the case, then simply delete the old model and re-install the asset.
    • If the above is not the case, then an extended database repair may be needed.

File Access Errors

There is a known issue where some models will not commit, due to a 'file access error'.  This occurs when one or more of the model's texture files is 4096x4096 pixels in size.  If this is the case, open the model in Explorer, use a program like Paint.NET to shrink the textures to 2048x2048.  They need to be this size, as other sizes won't work.

Extended Database Repair

Performing an extended database repair in Content Manager (File/Extended Database Repair...), will rebuild the Trainz asset database by scanning the assets.  This will resolve most asset errors aside from missing dependencies.  It is also often required to fix scripting errors.

Required Container 'thumbnails' is missing (Trainz 2012 & Trainz: A New Era)

This error occurs due to strict content requirements in Trainz 2012.  Namely, it requires that all assets have a thumbnail.  I have provided a 'generic' thumbnail below, which should be a .jpg image 240 x 180 pixels wide.


In Content Manager, right-click on the model and click 'Edit --> Edit in Explorer'.  Save the generic thumbnail below into the model folder that comes up, with the filename 'thumbnail.jpg'.  Once this is done, open config.txt and add the following lines:


    image                               "thumbnail.jpg"
    width                               240
    height                              180


These should not go within any other sets of curly braces.


Once this has been done, save the config.txt file and commit the model in Content Manager.

Trainz: A New Era warnings

As of January 26, 2016, all models and updates released on this site will be compatible with Trainz: A New Era.  When installing them into Trainz: A New Era, you may see the warnings above when viewing errors/warnings.  These are warnings only, and will not prevent the models from working.